Project Management

Our approach to project management is founded on theory and practice, we apply the standards and best practices in a practical results oriented manner. In addition, we recognize that all practices are not appropriate for all organizations and thus select the tools that will achieve the agreed objectives.

Service Offerings

Methodology and Process Development Whether your organization has a clearly defined methodology and process map or is considering bringing more structure to the organization, we can help you develop a plan as well as design the method and processed to implement or enhance your project and/or development methods. Our goal is not to apply a cookie cutter approach but work with you to develop a plan that manages the change within your organization so that the program objectives are achieved and expectations are met.
Project Auditing A regular audit program ensures that projects are using the expected practices and methods as well as accelerates organizational learning. The ideal is to establish a regular, periodic auditing schedule. We are happy to both put together an effective auditing program as well as act as an outside auditor.
Organizational Project Maturity Assessment Do you have an accurate assessment of your organizations project management maturity? There is no one right score, you need to know what your goal is and then monitor your progress toward that goal. Having regular assessments permits tracking progress over time and ensure that your change management program is having the desire affect. We assess your organization based on standards such as OPM3 and create a reports that clearly documents the current state of your project management maturity.
Project Management Training Training offers one of the most effective means to improve project management practices and consistency of delivery across an organization. Even with seasoned project managers training is valuable in aligning all managers with the methods and process to be followed throughout the project deliver process. This is often overlooked resulting in frustration and missed expectations. We offer training in both internal and external standards.
PMO Development Implementing and growing a project management office (PMO) is a challenge in the best of conditions. Our experience will ensure that risks are effectively managed and desired outcomes are maximized. We offer assistance in PMO design, implementation and assessment.
Enterprise/Portfolio Reporting Do you have the dashboards and scorecards required to keep management focused on progress toward strategic objectives and identify projects at risk early enough to take corrective action? Enterprise reporting aggregates information across all projects to provide an enterprise view of the project portfolio. This sounds easy but the competing demands of minimizing the administrative burden of data collection and ensuring consistent, accurate and meaningful data are collected require a well planned approach to the key metrics reported and the reporting process. We work with you to assess the key performance indicators and formulate a set of project metrics that affect the key performance indicators. The result is a dashboard that is tightly aligned with the enterprise objectives and connected to the underlying projects.
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