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We currently offer two products for Project Managers. The ServiceNow® <> Microsoft Project® Addin and Project Metrics Plus Microsoft Project Addin.

ServiceNow® PM Plus
Bidirectional functionality between ServiceNow PPM and Microsoft Project.

  • Create new projects
  • Open project from ServiceNow PPM
  • Save projects to ServiceNow PPM

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Easily ensure your plans comply with best practices and manage your plans with less effort.

  • Validate plan compliance with best practices
  • Validate plan meets DoD criteria
  • Generate Look Back/Ahead Reports
  • Generate a burndown chart of activities or deliverables
  • Export Resource allocations to Microsoft Excel by Week, Month, Quarter, or Year
  • Selectively replace one assigned resource with another

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Portfolio and Project Management
In addition to the above products, we also provide Portfolio and Project Management consulting. This includes Project Management Office development, organization, re-organization, governance, and assessment.

Mr. Lincoln has more than 20 years of experience as a Portfolio and Project Manager and Project Management Office member, manager, and consultant. His experience ranges from PMOs with more than 100 people to more typical PMOs with 5-10 project managers and project administrators. This experience includes training, metrics development, data analysis, reporting, and supporting tools such as Clarity, Microsoft Project Server, and ServiceNow PPM.

Let us contribute to your project success! To get started email us at info@bdei.com.

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